Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I Was Worried Monday Would Suck

I only worked one day last week and I am not even sure that you could call it working? I made a delivery to Atlanta and then went home. In between Steven's mom being in town for Christmas and helping my mom prep for my Dad's 60th Birthday NYE bash, last week went by in a flash!!! So when the alarm went off yesterday at 6:15, I was worried the day would suck.

Steven had a whopping 17 - yes, seventeen - days off over Christmas, so it was quite hard getting up and I might have dropped some expletives before I even got in the shower. My attitude quickly changed after a cup of coffee and I got in line (virtually) for the Lilly After Party Sale. I am quite excited about my finds, however I do not do good under "pressure" and now I am kicking myself that I did not buy an Elsa top. Oh well such is life!

The work day flew by and for the last two hours of work I was actually really busy. Our company had a slow December, so to have a lot of messages to return and parts to research, it was nice! Also during those last two hours, I had a friend message me in regards to a FB post I made on Sunday. I am looking for two additional parsons chairs to go around our dining room table, because I would like to get some off white or linen chair covers. Well low and behold, she has SIX Ballard Designs parsons chairs that she is going to give me for FREE. Yes, please.

This really made my Monday!!!!

My mom gave Steven a beer label puzzle for Christmas and we started putting it together on Friday night, yep we're officially old. When we started, I was beginning to think that we should've started out with a 500 piece-er instead of 1000, but we finished last night! We think this puzzle is cool and would look great framed and hanging in a (future) bar or game room, so tonight I'll be heading to Michaels or Hobby Lobby for some puzzle glue.

Alright class......who watched The Bachelor last night??? Raises hand in embarrassment. 

One of my sorority sisters and I text back and forth for almost two hours last night talking about the show! All of the girls are SO young! Then I had to remind myself that The Bachelor himself is only 26 and I am almost 30. Whomp Whomp. I mean who brings their horse? Chicken Enthusiast? Is that really a thing? I mean I am chicken enthusiast too...Fried. Baked. Wings. Fingers. And the girl named Lace? I'm wondering when the producers are going to start playing BuckCherry's "Crazy Bitch" when she appears in the clips. Ok, so that was mean, but her behavior last night? I kind of of hope she was embarrassed while watching, because I was.

My Monday ended with Steven sleeping hard like a rock beside me while I got caught up in HGTV Tiny House Hunters. 200 square feet? I was practically feeling claustrophobic just watching them go inside the houses! But luckily I went to sleep in our nice big bed, in a nice big bedroom haha! Here's to hoping that the rest of the week can be as good as Monday :) 


  1. I gave up on the Bachelor a long time ago. I just can't. Its like these girls are just trying to launch themselves these days.

  2. Great post.