Friday, July 31, 2015

Anniversary at the Lake

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence over here. I have been in the bed sick with awful gall bladder problems. I've never missed an entire week of work my entire adult life :(  Steven took me to see the surgeon yesterday and I've got some tests at the hospital on Tuesday. Y'all say a prayer that everything is ok and that this pesky bastard will calm down.


Last weekend was our one year anniversary!! Not of marriage but of dating! It was a year ago that over dinner Steven asked me not to date anyone else because he wanted me to see just him. Insert cheesey "awwwwww" right here. Initially we wanted to go out of town, but since we are getting ready to make our first honeymoon payment in a few weeks we decided to save a few $$ and head to the lake.

I could run down all the details as to what we did, but truth be told we did the following four things:

laid out
boat rides

As soon as we got there on Friday night, we headed out for a sunset cruise! 

Saturday morning we slept in and made brunch. We literally spent all day on the dock! We sunned, Steven fished and we took a few cruises throughout the day. I don't think we came up until around 7 to start cooking dinner. For our anniversary dinner, I cooked pork tenderloin, twice baked potatoes and brussel sprouts! YUMO.
Sunday morning was a literal repeat of Saturday. However, Sunday afternoon we were having such a good time that we decided to spend the night and get up SUPER early and head home Monday. Best decision ever!! We had the best time cruising knowing that we didn't have to go home that evening. We ordered dinner from the little barbeque place up the street and made a pitcher of margaritas to enjoy on the dock that night.

We had an awesome weekend and I am so lucky to spend my life with Steven!! One year down, a lifetime to go :)

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  1. I was wondering where you were this week! Hope you start feeling better! Sounds like your trip was a blast!