Monday, April 13, 2015

Sushi + LOTL + Cornflake and Nuggie Pictures

Those three words pretty much describe our weekend! Thursday afternoon, a hankering for sushi hit me really hard!! Steven suggested that we pick up some rolls from the store and have a little back yard party on Friday. The weather was beautiful Thursday afternoon and that sounded just perfect, come 6:30 on was pouring rain!

I snapped a few pictures in the back yard before it started coming down hard. Steven moved our patio set into the carport and we dined under there! We we're going to let the rain stop us!

Saturday night was Live on the Lawn for Junior League, so we took it easy that morning, I ran a few errands and then we headed to Athens. We stayed with some good friends of ours and we were running a little late....story of our lives.
I text this picture to Katie and said "we're good enough friends for me to show up with rollers in my hair" and that is exactly what I did!

The band for LOTL was Ansley Stewart and the Replaceables and they were awesome!! We had a wonderful evening of socializing and dancing!

Our Sunday happened in two phases: slow motion, laying in the bed watching the Masters and then grocery store, meal prepping, cleaning and dinner!

Cornflake has mastered the side eye...
And that friends, was our weekend!


  1. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend & those little babies how cute...