Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Primer and a .com

Uhhh it is Wednesday? Seriously I am living in delirious-ville over here! It kind of feels like a Tuesday...but it could also be Friday? I need that vanilla-valium-vodka-latte I talk about all the time haha!!

I am getting super excited for our engagement party on Saturday!! This will be the first time that all of our parents have been together since our engagement and of course our closest friends and family. Last month I lost my mind and ordered a mid-drift bearing midi skirt get-up from Express. Yea...guess that was the first time I visited delirious-ville...but I have since come home and realized that my body is in no shape for that. Saturday, Steven and I went to the mall to create our registry and we did some shopping for the party afterward. I picked up this black number from White House Black Market and I feel much more comfortable in this.
Sleeveless Mesh Iconic Black Sheath Dress
Getting gussied up on Saturday night also means having a flawless face, and my face, well it is less than perfect right now. My pores are the size of Texas, my fine lines are looking more like canyons and those bags under my eyes, they might as well be LV Speedy 40's they are so damn big. SO with all that dramatic build-up in that sentence....what kind of primer do y'all use? Because apparently my primer is not doing its job. There are some days when my skin looks better without primer than with....I thought it wasn't supposed to work like that?? Help a girl out and share your best primers!

I want to give a "thank you" to everyone who commented on my last WW post in regards to creating a wedding website. I broke down and created one this afternoon! It is very simple, but it gets the job done. They offer the option to create your own url (for a fee) so I went on ahead and did that using our FB and Insta hastag. Click here if you want to check us out! 

Tah tah for now pretties! 

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