Monday, February 2, 2015

Catch Up!

Hey there! Welcome to February!! I fell off the blogger bandwagon these past two weeks, there has been a lot going on around these parts wedding-wise and that has taken up all my mental capacity

So what have the Mister and I been doing??

We went boat "shopping" a few weeks ago! Just kidding! We joined my parents and their friends at the Atlanta Boat Show. It was a lot of fun and we picked out two that we felt were us....
Center console for when we move back to SSI
Luxury pontoon for Lake Hartwell!
Of course, we need to win the lottery in order to take one of those babies home! Haha.

We have spent a lot of time around our fire pit with our adopted fur-child, Cornflake.
I think it says a lot when it all it takes to make us happy on Friday or Saturday night is: good tunes, adult beverages, Cornflake, a fire and each other. While yes, we do occasionally miss going out downtown, we like being together and at home more. My mom says that is a sign of contentment, and I am ok with that. Now of course if you had told my 23 year old self that in five years, being at home with your spouse drinking $6 bottles of wine around your fire pit is bliss...I would've though you were crazy! Haha. I must say that this was one of the BEST presents that we got for Christmas this year! Other than our refrigerator of course!

Dresses have been selected! dress and the bridesmaids dresses have been chosen! Eeeek! My mom and I set out to Augusta last week per the recommendation of my wedding planner. We had a WONDERFUL experience at Elegant Bridals! Rachel, the associate who helped us, was so attentive, and funny, and she made the experience such fun!! That afternoon I said YES to the perfect dress!

Yesterday, my bridesmaids, my mother and the Mister's mother went to Bridals By Lori - Say YES to the Dress, Atlanta - to try dresses. After what seemed like 30 dresses, Ashley came out in a black halter that I thought was GREAT! Then Tara and Liz both tried it on and they looked great in the dress too! Everyone had already left and my mom and I stopped in the ladies room before hitting the road, and guess who was in the lobby when we left.... MONTE!

Yes!!! We got selfies with Monte! This totally made my day!  :)

This past Friday night I came up with my own "oriental" pork marinade. Getting domestic I tell you! We both love pork, and as long as we get the thin cut pork chops, I don't feel bad fixing it during the week. Not to mention...if Kroger has a special/sale, sometimes a 4 pack of pork chops is cheaper than two-three pack of chicken breasts! Hello money savings on the grocery bill!!!
Now this is where the "ultimate" lifestyle blogger would have perfectly measured out amounts for you...well not this girl. Sorry y'all! Here are some very very very (did I mention very?) rough estimates on the ingredients....

(4) thin cut chops
(2) tablespoons dijon mustard
(1/2) cup soy sauce
(1/4) cup teriyaki sauce
(1/2) teaspoon minced garlic 
(2-3) dashes chili powder
heavy shake pepper
light shake paprika

Whisk together all ingredients in a bowl, put chops in large zip lock bag then pour marinade over chops. Lay flat in fridge, let marinade for 40 minutes, turning bag over at 20. Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes, and voila! I served this with a side of broccoli and "fried" brown rice with veggies.

Lastly...we went to my parents for the Super Bowl last night. We were a little disappointed that the Seahawks didn't win, don't ask my why because we are Falcons fans haha, but that was who we were rooting for.
True love right there in that first picture....tongue sticking out selfies!

Annnnndddd that is all about everything that has been going on with me and the Mister! Now that life has gotten back to a somewhat normal schedule, I have set some goals for February! Come back tomorrow to see what I want to accomplish! :)

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