Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What Is In Your Inbox?

Hey Pretty People! Happy hump-day and all that jazz! I wanted to talk today about something that I have been doing lately.....clicking the unsubscribe button. 

I (unfortunately) are one of those people who can't get out of bed without checking their email. At night, I don't check it, but in the morning, its part of my routine. Some mornings I would wake up to 21 emails....twenty-one. Want to know how many of those emails I would actually open and read? About three.

Some of the emails, I have been getting for years and deleting them for years. Some of the emails, I will open, not be intrigued by the content and delete. Some of the emails, I actually read and keep. About two weeks ago, I decided that I was sick of a cluttered inbox. Tons of shopping emails, emails from brands I cannot afford and have no clue why I even subscribed, self-help emails, news emails, etc etc. You name it, I was getting it. Truth be told, I am probably getting too many emails still, but here is a small run-down of what is still coming into my inbox.....

Pottery Barn - still holding strong to it. Do I actually "need" anything from PB? Nope. And if I am going to buy something from PB, I just go buy it. 20% off isn't going to put a dent in any type of small purchase that I would make. A sofa maybe....but not sheets/pillows/etc etc.
Levo/Levo League/The Brief - only reading about 10% of the emails that come in. These are career related emails. While some of the content does intrigue me, I can't really apply it to my current situation. I rolled into work at 10am today, rolling out at 4:45pm and are selling car parts.
Self/Self Daily - I got subscribed to these emails through The Skimm when they were having some type of giveaway. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting these and like the content. So much so that I just subscribed to the magazine!
Tory Burch - still hoping there will be some accessory that I want and the email will be a "sale" on that item. I really need to let these go.
Baublebar - Don't think I will be unsubscribing to this one....I really like their jewelry and I feel like its a great price point for when I'm wanting a new item or statement piece! It also makes for great gift giving.
PureWow - This is another auto subscribe from a Skimm giveaway. I like them, but I have also "liked" them on Facebook, so a lot of the content is repetitive. We'll put this one in the "maybe" unsubscribe pile.
Bows&Sequins - Does anyone else follow Jessica? I used to really like her blog, but now I can take it/leave it. I do like her style, but now I just follow fashion bloggers on Instagram. Granted 99% of them use liketoknowit and I'll be damned if I succumb to that. #littlebloggerforlife #justellmewhereyourdamndressisfrom.
Express - still holding strong to this one.....who doesn't love $150 off of a $300 purchase? Give me all the clothes haha!
The Pursuit of Style - This is the only design blog I follow.....with the new house, perhaps I need to follow a few more! More like, "I'm broke but want my house to look like a million bucks but I hate anything DIY and prefer instant gratification" design blogs! Bahahaha. I crack myself up.
The Skimm - Pretty much my favorite email that I get everyday! It is just what it says it is, its a skimm of national/world news, politics, technology, sports, etc. Basically anything that is a BIG headline, its skimmed into a few short paragraphs of what is going on, then includes links if you want to delve further into it! CLICK HERE to get The Skimm if you think it's something you would like! I knew I would like it, when the first email I got said "share that sh*t". My kinda email!

How many emails do you get per day? Are you a 50-million emails and never open them? Do you read every one and delete? Do you have a separate email for shopping? Share with me! Anything that can help de-clutter my inbox, I'll take it! 

Because it's "Wedding Wednesday" and I can't stand a post without pictures, here is a wedding picture...

Last night, he hung curtains AND cleaned up the kitchen....pretty sure I hit the husband jackpot!  
This has nothing to do with my inbox, I just like a tad bit of random-ness thrown into blog posts every now and then :)


  1. I need to unsubscribe from a TON of emails. I've thought about doing unroll me, but I worry I'll miss out on a sale. Not that I need anything.

  2. I have an email address just for all my other junk email... its golden.