Monday, March 21, 2016

A Week of Content

On Sutton via Angie Makes
Oh how I hope this is true! Yesterday I was a busy bee and didn't sit down until we headed to the grocery store. Laundry, vacuuming, cleaning and cleaning the garage were among the things we accomplished! I had to make up for the serious amount of laziness that was going on at our house on Saturday haha!

Friday after work, we did do a bit of shopping, then we met up with our friend Justin for a beverage. Cornflake also (tried) to meet up with a friend on Friday evening, but she couldn't get through the glass! This frog on the window tortured her for over an hour.
Saturday evening, the weather cooperated and my cousin Anna said "I do!"!! This is the first of two more Millians (my mothers side of the family) weddings in the next year! Within 15 months, myself, Anna, Celena and Tara will have gotten married! Who doesn't love, love?? One thing is for sure, I have the best wedding date for life!
Making Steven take his sunglasses off his head, results in "bed head"...
The Caudells and the future Halls :) Wedding dates for life!
If you noticed....I took a few more inches of of my hair! My hair has not been this short since 2010!! I saw a picture of Carrie Underwood and it totally inspired me and here we are! Short and sassy, just like me!

And because I am obsessed with our Cat, here is another picture of Cornflake! Seriously, who do I contact to turn her into a cat model? She would look GREAT on a bag of cat food hahaha! I mean she could really help sell it! Maybe I am biased....

Here's to a great week! 


  1. I love LOVE too. It is seriously the best. Your hair looks fabulous!