Thursday, January 7, 2016

So I said I didn't have any "resolutions"

Ok, so I said that I did not necessarily have any "resolutions" but that I did have monthly goals and that I want to "live" etc etc etc. However, I did leave something out of that post - I don't know how I forgot it - and I feel like if I do not put it on the blog, it won't be official.

2016 is the year I will break up with flavored, non-dairy coffee creamer. 

Mmmmmmm, look at all that creamy goodness in that cup! If this blog was scratch-n-sniff, French Vanilla would be wofting over your keyboard right now. Right before Christmas, Steven read an article about how bad creamers are for you. Apparently the powdered stuff is the worst! He said the article came from MSN, but I scoured MSN so I could read it for myself. Part of me wondered if he just told me that because the coffee creamer portion of grocery bill practically tripled with all of the delicious seasonal flavors!

Irregardless of whether or not I read the article, he is right, its bad for you. I mean there are chemicals in that creamy goodness that I cannot read yet alone pronounce. And let's get real here...who really (ever) follows the serving guidelines??!?! Sure, one tbsp might be 35 calories, but there is really more like four in each up that I drink. There are days when I have three - even four - cups of coffee!!! At 140 calories a cup, that is A LOT of wasted calories.

On Monday morning, I began to mix the creamer with half and half. No lie, I have been hooked on creamer for long I am having to ween myself off of it. Today I had my first cup with just half and was just ok. Now before you go telling me that half and half is just as caloric, I am very aware. But on the bright side, I can read and pronounce every ingredient on the label haha! My plan is once I have fully given up on the bad stuff, I will then transition in to half and half and milk, so that I can eventually just use milk.

So, there you have it folks, my one TRUE resolution for the year. Hopefully in just a few months I will be able to say that I am a "recovered coffee creamer addict" - HAHAHAHA!


  1. Good for you, girlie!!!! I gave up creamer cold turkey four years ago because I realized HOW bad it was for my body. There are some great alternatives on pinterest you can make at home. I used to make one with milk, half and half, honey [or maple syrup] and cinnamon and it did the job. After completed three Whole30s I can drink my coffee black no problem, but only if it's good coffee. Kudos to you for getting healthier one cup at a time. And honestly, if you only stay at half and half you are sooo ahead of the game.

  2. Oh my goodness I literally just took a sip of my French roast that most def has French vanilla creamer in it (like- can't drink it without it!) What about the fat free kind??? hahahaha