Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thankful Heart

My Daddy doesn't read my blog, in fact I don't even know if he knows the name haha, but I wanted to share with y'all today just how THANKFUL I am for him and that he is my boss.

There are days I wear yoga pants and no makeup. He doesn't say a word.

There are days that I come in driving the hot mess express - choo choo! - at 10:30. He doesn't get upset.

There are days when I cry at my desk. He brings me tissues.

This morning I had a Dr's appointment, so I was already coming in late, but I was able to run two wedding related errands AND get a few items together to drop off for a Junior League fundraiser tonight!

My Daddy is so patient with me, and if I had anyone else for a boss, I would have been fired, written up and then fired AGAIN. I am so thankful for his patience with me, even when I abuse the fact that he is my boss. I am so thankful for the relationship that we have. I could not tell you the invaluable business lessons that he has taught me, and he is my main source of inspiration for one day opening my own business.

Most girls have a special relationship with their daddy's but mine is extra super special :) and the thought of him giving me away on 11-14-15 brings tears to my eyes. I cannot listen to any sappy father-daughter dance songs because I loose it every.single.time. We're dancing to "My Girl" for the sake of my makeup and everyone around us!

Johnny definitely qualifies for the Best Daddy in the World award :) 

My heart is full because of him!

I love you Daddy.

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