Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Shoot

Hey folks, welcome to another installment of Wedding Wednesday! So much has happened in regards to our big day! I will be honest and tell y'all that last week, I had a breakdown at my desk and cried due to wedding stresses. My mom and I were not seeing eye to eye on some decisions that I had made...

At the end of the day, my mom is best friend. I call her at LEAST three times a day! I would probably call my best friend Ashley that much, however since she is a teacher, she can't answer the phone on a whim. When the one person who you trust more than anyone else in this world is questioning your decisions you feel like you're going to break and then you begin to second guess yourself. Needless to say, in between that and some raging PMS, I was just a bundle of happy last week. The Mister got several text messages saying "if you find me in the bed with a bottle of wine and a straw when you get home from...dont be surprised".

Ohhhhhh the joys of wedding planning. I 100% get why people elope! BUT I know that if we had chosen to have a parents only ceremony in Aspen or Jackson Hole, we would've regretted it. And so we will be having a joyous occasion come November! Which is nine months away - holy sh*t!

This past Saturday my cousin Hannah shot our engagement photos! If you live around the Atlanta area and need great photos....I highly recommend that you reach out to her and "like" her Facebook page, White Oak Photography. We knew that we wanted to embrace getting engaged during the wintertime, so we did an outdoor session and it was great! I had custom mugs made from Simply Made Greetings, we used a burgundy blanket from our living room and it was just overcast enough for the lighting to be perfect! I threw together this inspiration board for us to work on outfits from...

We actually ended up going with outfits very similar to this board! I changed my top midway through, but that was all. Here is a little sneak peak that Hannah sent to me the next day...
If all of the photos are this good (which I'm sure they will be!) we're going to have a hard, hard time selecting a save the date! It was a lot of fun being in front of the camera and I am sure that Hannah is going to have a blooper reel a mile long! We tried to re-create similar shots from my Pinterest board, however I don't know if we will look as professional as those people do haha. 

To celebrate the shoot being over - his words not mine! - we bought ingredients to make margs, called in Mexican to go and sat on our sofa for the rest of the night. Exciting life we lead, I tell you!

And I'm out :) 


  1. I will be living vicariously through you while you plan your wedding! I miss wedding planning!!
    Beardy Heart Beauty

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