Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Diet and Stress

The words "wedding diet" just taste gross coming out of my mouth. Like, why can't they taste like chocolate? Hahaha. Tonight I am going to activate my 14 day pass to a local gym here in town, I hope that I like it! Steven gets up so early (5:30, yuck) on the weeks where is at a bank that requires travel (he is a bank examiner) but when he is in the office, he gets up around 6:30-6:45. That hour makes all the difference in the world y'all. 6:30, I can deal with that, but there is something about 5:30 that just makes me extra bitchy haha! But, I am trying to be positive about getting up at the same time as my spouse, especially if the benefit is a smaller waist.
When we hired our wedding planner I told her that this was how my priorities ranked:
1) Marry Steven
2) Awesome photographer
3) Bar and food. 

I told myself that everything else would fall into place, and it honestly has, but DAMN trying to figure out what to feed people, it might literally kill me. Some caterers are sassy, some are in your face, some want too much information up front, some take too long to respond. Just tell me how much it is going to cost for some bartenders and beef and chicken.

If I cannot figure things out and it keeps worrying the hell out of me, everyone will be getting chic-fil-a nuggets, cheese and cake.

Which actually, that doesn't sound too bad right now. My cottage cheese and turkey/spinach sandwich are gone. 100 calories for breakfast, 250 for lunch and 10,879,444,673 calories for dinner.


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