Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Beer + Bacon - Valentines 2015

Those two words pretty much sum up our Valentines Day. But let's get real here....who doesn't love beer and bacon?!?!?!

Our day started off at Last Resort for lunch. We knew that it would be packed for dinner (and they don't take reservations) so we opted for a day-date. Apparently so did everyone else in Athens! The wait was about 40 minutes, but we lucked up and snagged two seats at the bar. Our food was so good that I didn't even take a picture of it, we were too busy stuffing our faces.

After lunch, we headed to Creature Comforts. CC is a new brewery downtown that opened up in Athens last spring. CC is "special" to us, as we went here on our second date!

Man oh man how times flies!

After CC we stopped at the grocery for a few items then headed home to enjoy the rest of our evening. Cornflake nestled herself in the back of the sofa and I made Steven some "man sushi" and hamburgers.

"Man sushi" is bacon wrapped ground beef with a piece of string cheese in the middle. Steven saw a video on Facebook earlier that day and just had to have it! I don't know if I have ever shared this with y'all, but I am allergic to red meat.


All that meaty deliciousness and I can't eat it. I made the mistake of taking one small bite of the "sushi" and I paid for it later. Y'all have no clue how much I miss hamburgers. The one thing that I miss the most....Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers. It isn't even a steak, but a .99 cent fast food hamburger.

The rest of our evening was spent "napping" on the sofa and alternating between The Fifth Element and Property Brothers. What a wild, wild evening I tell you ;)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentines day with with their love or with their bff's! Next Valentines, I'll be married! Eeeek! 


  1. I can't eat Wendy's any more but man, I agree, there is just something about those burgers.

  2. Last Resort is on my Athens bucket list. And so it that brewery now! That would be the perfect weekend for us also! :)