Friday, February 6, 2015

5 on Friday!

Y'all, I am on a five day blogging streak! Someone come take my temperature because I swear I have a fever haha!! The weekend is finally here and I cannot wait to embrace my inner "designer" as we have plans to finish painting the doors of our house this weekend. Don't forget to link up with the 5 on Friday ladies today!! Let's dig in and check out my 5 on Friday...
 1) I have done a 180 since yesterday on the bridesmaids dresses. Words can't quite describe what I am feeling, I just know that at the end of the day, I don't want my girls paying $250 for two layers of ruffly chiffon. The chiffon itself, probably cost $15....the rest of the expense is just the label sewn inside.
Also, this dress is sassy, and I'm thinking I want my girls to look a little more sophisticated. My dress is very "a 'la Kate Middelton after wedding dress" - click here - and I want everyone to look as chic as I will. The ruffle is just kind of killing me, even though I loved it at first. 

2) I can cross 1/2 of one of my February Goals off of the list!
I convinced the Mister to hang the curtains for our master on Wednesday night! Full bedroom pictures and details coming later :)

3) Can you wear hot pink to your engagement party?
'Cause this sassy number is calling my name! This sassy number also requires me to go back to the gym. The dress that I was thinking about wearing to the engagement party would allow me to eat all the damn girl scout cookies I want and consume 1.5L bottles of wine like it's my job. Oh decisions, decisions ;)

Gym it is.

4) Do any of y'all use Rodan and Fields products? I might be getting TMI here...but my back and shoulders break out (bad) during the winter months and I occasionally get a cystic bump or two. Before I drop $$$ to go to the dermatologist I am thinking about trying out their body washes. Any opinions from those who have tried it before??

5) The Mister has a name....
...and it is Steven.

That is all for today! I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. UM YES you can wear pink all day every day, ESPECIALLY to an engagement party! I love that dress and you would look so pretty in it! I love that bridesmaid dress...I totally understand you on the price tag. I couldn't make my girls spend that much money on a dress they'd wear for an evening. I loved their dresses and they didn't cost any more than $140! Happy weekend to you, girlfriend. Hope it is a great one :)

  2. You can definitely wear whatever dress you want and I LOVE that pink one! I'm trying to get back into blogging and it is so hard. Major props to you for making it a full five days!! Have a great weekend!