Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday Tidbits

Hey y'all! Sorry for the radio silence over here! Our house is inching toward being move-in ready and I've been packing up my townhouse for the past three nights. Even with the stress, I am getting VERY excited, as some big things have happened this week....

Our refrigerator arrived! 

I can't even...
This happened last night. However this is a beautiful sight to me....first thing moved in to our house! Luckily, my daddy agreed to come over tonight with a light tester and he said he will fix it. 

And speaking of my daddy...
...this little set-up was going on after I got back to the office after the fridge delivery. I work for my dad's company and I told him to take buns out of the freeze for our lunch; well he forgot. If you're ever in a tight and need to thaw out a bun....a space heater works wonders hahaha! 

Dinner of champions!
Both my inner 5 year old and inner 28 year old were pleased by this combination. The only problem is that there are only 5 - yes five - cakes to a box. I need the family size box, because I might have already eaten them all haha! 

I want. 
Can we talk about how precious Darci's dog is?!?!? I sent this to the Mister and he agreed that this pup is cute. Now that he has agreed to that, operation #getafrenchbulldog is underway in 2015!

That's all today folks! I'm off to stamp the 110 company Christmas cards and address/stamp our personal cards. Woohooo 'Tis the Season friends :) I'm putting up our Christmas card tomorrow!

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