Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Hey pretty people! One more day til the weekend!!! Let's run down some thoughts this Thursday morning.

Why OH Why is jewelry so expensive? Well, I guess the question is...why oh why do I LIKE expensive jewelry??? On Sunday I spent some time looking for bridesmaids jewelery. Before I add the second bracelet, I am already looking at $64 a girl! Now my girls are absolutely worth it, but I just don't want to give them bridesmaids gifts that are exclusively for the wedding, I want to give them something else too...I just might go broke doing so haha!

What are y'alls thoughts on this earring from BaubleBar? It does have a matching bracelet. 

Here is a refresher of what the bridesmaids dress looks like...
images via
Yes? No? Maybe? Everyone will have their hair up so you can see the back detail. Any suggestions on where I could find affordable baubles? Send 'em my may! 

In college, I was obsessed with Victoria's Secret Clothes! Does anyone else remember that they used to have the whole clothing catalog and so much inventory online!! Well...they don't anymore. I entertained the idea of white bikini for our honeymoon , so while I was at I clicked over to their clothing. They still have a few items, but not what I was expecting. However, I fell in love with this sweater and are thinking it would be perfect to wear on our honeymoon flight! 
I know it will be cold when we leave Georgia, but 80 when we land. I'm thinking this with either taupe or olive green slouch pants with tan booties and a leopard scarf. What is your go to airport outfit? 

If you follow me on IG then you saw my cocktail concoction last night. I'm calling it the "Pinot-Lime Spritzer". I will be sipping this for sure on our anniversary trip this weekend! 
Pinot Grigs + Lime LaCroix + Hint of margarita mix

And that is all I've got today! And at the risk of sounding cheesey "Stay thirsty my friends, they don't call it thirsty thursday for no reason!" ;)

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  1. I hear you on bridesmaid gifts! I found everything on sale for each girl, but I still probably spent around $75 [I only had four girls and two were my sisters so like you said, it was worth it]. Are you a Kendra Scott fan? Some of her jewlery is on sale at Nordstroms right now and I love these earrings. I actually received a set as a wedding gift and they are some of my favorite pieces to wear. Not sure on your price point, but I think the sale is a decent one.